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After months of preparation for the big day, there is nothing more soul destroying than when the weather forecast for the event predicts cold weather. What do you do, pull out of the event or brave the elements? Here we have our top 10 tips to keeping warm when the weather gods are not on your side.
1) Layer up: It sounds obvious but turning up with right clothing can make a big difference. Wearing layers traps heat between each item of clothing allowing you to stay warmer for longer. Excess layers can always be discarded or carried if you become too warm while running.
2) Hats: Lots of all body heat is lost from the head (scientists cant agree exactly how much) but wearing a hat will help retain warmth which would normally be lost into the air.
3) Waterproofing: If the heavens open then having a waterproof layer will prevent rain soaking clothing which would quickly cause you to cool down.
4) Wind proofing: Even on a still day, having a windproof layer will help reduce the impact that airflow will have when running.
5) Keep moving: As you move you generate heat. Events often involve periods of standing around – if you keep on the go then this will reduce the chances of you cooling down.
6) Bag drop: Make sure you have plenty of warm dry clothes to put on post event. Head there as soon as you cross the finish line to prevent becoming cold post race. If your event doesn’t have a bag drop, try giving spare clothes to friends or family who come along to support. If running with friends, don’t be tempted to share a bag drop bag as if you finish at different times (particularly in the incidence of injury or illness) this can delay everyone gaining access to their clothes.
7) Drink up: Warm drinks can quickly reverse the signs of hypothermia. Try running with a warm drink or packing a flask in bag drop for when you finish. Alternatively run with money to purchase a drink on finishing.
8) Seek shelter: If you do need to stop at any point on the run, after you finish or even before you start the race try standing out of the wind and/or rain if possible. This will keep your body temperature higher for longer.
9) Strength in numbers: Penguins use each other effectively to provide shelter and share body heat. If you’re running with friends and your getting cold, help each other to keep warm by keeping close. This is particularly important if awaiting medical assistance out on the course.
10) Water obstacles: Some events include running through water (e.g. OCR or cross country courses). If you are getting cold, avoid going through these if possible as they will only make you colder – no matter how tempting they look!

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