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A specialist facility for minimally-invasive day surgery and outpatient diagnostics. OneWelbeck was founded by doctors and healthcare leaders who believe there is a better way to deliver care. We are driving excellence and improving patient outcomes by breaking down the barriers that exist in today’s healthcare system.
Developed in true collaboration, OneWelbeck empowers teams of exceptional doctors, utilising the latest technology in bespoke centres of excellence to deliver an effortless, personal, and premium experience.

BPMpro technology is used for the assessment of elite and professional athletes across all sports at all levels. World class teams and clubs from the world of athletics, football and rugby along with Olympic squads use the technology to help understand athletic performance, reduce injuries and to increase recovery performance.
BPMpathway (a Class 1 Medical device), also uses BPMpro sensors to help NHS patients to recovery post hip and knee implant surgery. The latest BPMpro sensors and data loggers can assess ultra-highspeed movements at up to 3000 times per second, in 3 dimensions to analyse movement the human eye & digital cameras cannot capture.
Used for assessing ACL or hamstring fitness, effects of multiple concussion impacts, injury recovery rates, spinal assessment and hyper mobility long term MSKi etc. BPMpro, is professional & cost effective as shown by its use by EIS, the NHS, plus sports physios & medics around the world.

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