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If you’re interested in working for SportsMedics Ltd:

We make no bones about setting some high standards on who we have as part of our team as patient care is our number one priority. Our criteria are as follows:

ST2 or above in Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics or Orthopaedics


those can demonstrate significant pre-hospital experience.

Two years post-registration experience with additional Emergency Medicine training or ability to demonstrate significant pre-hospital care experience.

FY2/ST1 Doctors:
With the permission of the event organisers, a limited number of junior doctors will be permitted at events, supervised closely by senior members of the SportsMedics team.

First Aiders:
From 2020, SportsMedics will be taking on a limited number of first aiders to supplement our team. First aiders will require FREC 3 (or above) level training, and will also be taught additional skills relevant to sport and exercise/event medicine.

Communications Officers:
From 2020, SportsMedics will also be taking on a team of comms officers to manage and log our radio communications during event weekends. All comms officers will be required to be fully competent in the use of the Ladbybridge software system.

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